About us


Warrior is an Amsterdam based shoe brand. We
make snazzy yet utilitarian footwear. The idea is to
make classics that are designed with attention to
detail and produced with a clear conscience. We aim
to make these shoes accessible by way of its style,
price and sustainability. Our effort is driven by the
joy of creation and an itch to make smart footwear
with plenty of moxie.

We manufacture as local as possible, this means
that we had to move our production to Portugal.
Here we can ensure that all the people involved
with Warrior make a living wage and conditions are

All our products are handcrafted and made with care
in ateliers in the north of the country. With them we
have developed a production system which enables
us to supply products at a steady pace and
reasonable scale. This allows us to stay nimble,
keep prices in check and bypass “fast fashion”
hysteria. All the materials we use meet 🇪🇺
standards and we carefully select these to find a
bliss-point of looks, comfort and sustainability.


Our HQ and store are located in Amsterdam’s red
light district, please get in touch via our chat or feel
free to pass by, we are open from Thursday 
through Sunday from 12.00 to 18.00 o’ clock.